Hose Candy Ford Mustang Kit

Oomph! Labs has announced a complete Hose Candy Ford Mustang Kit (Part No. 80001A) that is designed to improve the look of 1965-69 Mustang engines and includes performance solutions for radiator, heater, brake booster, vacuum and windshield washer hoses. The Mustang kit features Hose Candy Hose Skins with Skinposite Carbon Fiber and Kevlar technology, which are designed to create the ultimate bullet-proof protection for radiator and other hoses.  Simply installing Hose Skins over the existing hoses delivers improved protection and a high-tech appearance.  Hose Skins are available in a combination of colors, including Red/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Blue/Black and Carbon Fiber Black. In addition, the kit includes leak-proof BOA Clamps – which heat shrink to conform to any shape and never need to be tightened – to eliminate less attractive, inefficient metal clamps.

Oomph! Labs Mustang kit also comes with Hose Candy Sidewinders, which turn connections into quick couplers and allow users to connect and disconnect parts like carburetors in seconds.  Sidewinder couplers help prevent damage to hoses, components and knuckles when attempting to pry off old, unyielding hoses.  The Sidewinder CNC couplers come in a variety of colors to match the vehicle design. Also included are high temperature silicone hoses, a bottle of Liquid Clamp and Hose Candy Super Heat Shrink wraps for a complete, all-in-one kit.

“Hose Skins and Boa Clamps are the dynamic duo for performance cooling system hoses and the ultimate in customized looks,” said Jon Petty, CEO and founder of Oomph! Labs.  “Our complete Mustang Kit gives the definitive Ford a custom identity under the hood with our signature hose accessories.  We know restoration is vitally important to our customers, and the new Mustang kit offers a visual upgrade while providing form, function and protection all in one easy kit.”

[Source: Hose Candy]

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