Hellion Twin-Turbo Ford Mustang

Hellion announced their new twin-turbo system for the 2011+ Mustang earlier this year, featuring dual Precision billet 62mm turbos, twin Turbosmart 4mm wastegates, twin Turbosmart Vee port bypass valves, a large vertical flow dual inlet intercooler, stainless 4-to-1 headers and dual 3-inch downpipes. Hellion claims that the system is good for over 600 rwhp on just 5.8 psi of boost, although it’s capable of 1,200 rwhp with the boost turned up to max.

Of course, claiming that a twin-turbo system is capable of four-digit horsepower is easy, but actually making it happen is quite a bit more difficult. Hellion was more than up to the task, though, and fitted their 2012 Mustang GT test car with a fully-built Ford Racing Aluminator engine, triple fuel pumps and 105 lb/hr fuel injectors to handle the extra power. The result? Strapped to the dyno and with the boost pegged at nearly 24 psi, the Mustang put down 1,249 horsepower at the rear wheels.

Don’t believe us? Check out the dyno run for yourself in the video below.

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