2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

With production limited to just 50 units, we’d imagine that it’s pretty hard to get your hands on one of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet turn-key race cars. They occasionally come up on eBay, though, like this brand new 2013 Cobra Jet being sold by Porter Ford in Newark, DE. The car, number 20 of 50, is in stock and available for delivery. It comes in black with the optional supercharger system as well as the graphics package.

Here’s the catch, though. If you would have ordered this same Cobra Jet from Ford Racing it would have lightened your wallet by $95,835. Porter Ford is asking $119,900, a markup of just over $24,000. They claim that “a car with this limited production of only 50 cars will bring a premium over MSRP.” Worth it? Perhaps, but we’d consider this price gouging more than anything.

You can see the 2013 Cobra Jet listed on eBay Motors here or check out the photos of the car in the gallery below.

2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 02-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 03-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 04-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 05-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 06-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 07-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 08-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 09-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 10-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 11-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 12-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 13-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 14-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 15-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 16-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 17-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 18-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 19-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 20-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 21-2013-cobra-jet-ebay 22-2013-cobra-jet-ebay

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