It takes a lot of hard work and concentration to simply finish a 24 hour endurance race, although you can be sure that the driver of this Mustang figured it would be behind the wheel rather than behind the car. That was the case this past weekend, though at the Spa 24 Hour race at Circuit Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium where the VDS Racing Adventures team was competing with a Ford Mustang in the GTR class.

Apparently the car suffered engine problems with several hours to go, and the crew worked diligently to get the car back on track. They sent the Mustang out with just a few minutes before the checkered flag with driver José Close behind the wheel. The Mustang made it most of the way around the 4.352 mile race track, but refused to go the last  several yards. Determined to finish the race, Close got out and put his back to the Mustang, pushing it the rest of the way across the finish line. Both the driver and team were rewarded with a 7th place finish in class.

You can watch the impressive effort from the driver in the video below.

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