2013 Shelby GT350

Shelby announced their updated 2013 GT350 earlier this summer, one of the biggest changes being that the company is offering the car in any of Ford’s color options. The GT350 was previously available in only white with blue stripes for 2011, with red and blue also available for the 2012 model year.

To demonstrate the expanded color palette Shelby has built the first production 2013 GT350 in Gotta Have It Green, one of the new hues for 2013. The company also documented the build, taking pictures of each stage of the car’s construction from start to finish at their Las Vegas production facility including swapping out the factory body panels for the Shelby body kit, the installation of the polished Whipple supercharger system, and the addition of a custom interior.

A close look at the photos also reveals some of the subtle changes made to the GT350 for 2013. Up front is a new classic Shelby badge on the mesh grille, and at the rear the rear fascia from a 2013 GT500 has been added with dual oval exhaust tips. The stock taillights remain, unlike previous years that used a custom Shelby design.

You can see the photos of the first 2013 Shelby GT350 build in the gallery below.

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[Source: Shelby]

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