2008 Shelby GT500 at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

When many people think about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, often the radical one-off race cars that compete for the overall best time come to mind. In reality, though, much of the field is composed of a diverse number of vehicles ranging from rally cars to stock cars to electric prototypes, not to mention the dozens of bikes and quads that also compete. Not surprisingly, there are generally plenty of Ford Mustangs entered into the race as well, from classic ’60s Mustangs that compete in the Vintage Automobile division to current S197 Mustangs that compete in the Time Attack or Open classes.

This year was no different, with no less than eleven Ford Mustangs entered into four classes for the 90th annual Race to the Clouds. Eight different Mustangs competed in the Vintage class, with racers coming from as far as Australia and Sweden, Pikes Peak veteran and Colorado resident Clint Vahsholtz raced his 2002 Mustang in the Super Stock Car division, David Schmidt had his highly modified 2008 Mustang GT entered into the Pikes Peak Open division, and Kash Singh’s 2008 Shelby GT500 took on a very large field in Time Attack. Singh actually drove his Shelby from Michigan, where he works for Ford, to the race in Colorado Springs, and then drove it back afterwards!

You can see all of the Ford Mustangs that competed in the 2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the gallery below.

01-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 02-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 03-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 04-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 05-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 06-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 07-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 08-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 09-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 10-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 11-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 12-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 13-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 14-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 15-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 16-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 17-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 18-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 19-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 20-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 21-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 22-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 23-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 24-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 25-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 26-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 27-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 28-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 29-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 30-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 31-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 32-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 33-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 34-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 35-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 36-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 37-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 2008 Shelby GT500 at Pikes Peak Hill Climb 39-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs 40-pikes-peak-2012-mustangs

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