700 hours. That’s how long it took one man to create this one-of-a-kind Eleanor Mustang hard top convertible and although it’s not something you would usually see on a modified vintage Mustang it is something that doesn’t look too bad. The car is an original 1968 with a 302 putting out roughly 330hp.

“This car will be the talk of every show you go to. I looked for months for the right convertible but everything I found was rusted out. What I ended up doing is converting a rust free coupe. The frame is beefed up with an inner and outer reinforcement kit and is solid.” Reads the ebay ad.

At one stage the auction was up to $35,000 but was swiftly taken down after the owner received an offer he couldn’t refuse outside of the auction. The unique thing about this modded Mustang is the choice the owner has to go with the hard top or the soft top. Perfect all year round! We’ll take two!

EleanorMustangConvertible-8 EleanorMustangConvertible-2 EleanorMustangConvertible-4 EleanorMustangConvertible-7 EleanorMustangConvertible-10 EleanorMustangConvertible-12 EleanorMustangConvertible-15 EleanorMustangConvertible-23 EleanorMustangConvertible-24

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