This year is the 50th anniversary of Shelby American, marking half a century since the first Cobras rolled out of the a modest assembly plant in Los Angeles. To celebrate there have been several events held throughout the past year including the debut of the Shelby 1000 at the New York Auto Show in April and a Cobra reunion held at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, CA. Shelby was also the featured marque at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion earlier this month where the company unveiled the 2013 GT500 Cobra, 2013 GT350 and 2013 GT500 Super Snake.

Adding to the celebrations, Galpin Ford, the  decided to hold an all-Shelby car show this past weekend at their property in Van Nuys, CA. We weren’t sure what to expect from the show, but the largest Mustang dealer in the country didn’t disappoint. Upon arriving at the show we were greeted with the largest gathering of Shelby Mustangs we’ve ever seen. Just about every year and variant were well represented, from original GT350s to modern days Super Snakes. Shelby American had their own display of cars, highlighted by the Shelby 1000, the 2013 GT500 Super Snake and several 2013 GT350s in a variety of color combinations.

Perhaps the most impressive assemblage of cars, however, came from Galpin. The dealership’s own collection of Shelby Mustangs on display was nothing short of incredible, featuring vintage models in immaculate condition and important late model cars like the first production 2011 Shelby GT500, the third 2008 Shelby GT500KR ever built and the 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake prototype. One of their most recent acquisitions, the 1965 Shelby GT350 barn find purchased at Barrett-Jackson earlier this year, was also prominently on display, as were several custom Shelby Mustangs built in-house by Galpin Auto Sports.

You can see all these cars and more in the photo gallery below.

Galpin Shelby 50th Anniversary Car Show 02-galpin-50th-shelby-show 03-galpin-50th-shelby-show 04a-galpin-50th-shelby-show 05-galpin-50th-shelby-show 06-galpin-50th-shelby-show 07-galpin-50th-shelby-show 08-galpin-50th-shelby-show 09-galpin-50th-shelby-show 10-galpin-50th-shelby-show 11-galpin-50th-shelby-show 12-galpin-50th-shelby-show 13-galpin-50th-shelby-show 14-galpin-50th-shelby-show 15-galpin-50th-shelby-show 16-galpin-50th-shelby-show 17-galpin-50th-shelby-show 18-galpin-50th-shelby-show 19-galpin-50th-shelby-show 20-galpin-50th-shelby-show 21-galpin-50th-shelby-show 22-galpin-50th-shelby-show 23-galpin-50th-shelby-show 24-galpin-50th-shelby-show 25-galpin-50th-shelby-show 26-galpin-50th-shelby-show 27-galpin-50th-shelby-show 28-galpin-50th-shelby-show 29-galpin-50th-shelby-show 30-galpin-50th-shelby-show 31-galpin-50th-shelby-show 32-galpin-50th-shelby-show 33-galpin-50th-shelby-show 34-galpin-50th-shelby-show 35-galpin-50th-shelby-show 36-galpin-50th-shelby-show 37-galpin-50th-shelby-show 38-galpin-50th-shelby-show 39-galpin-50th-shelby-show 40-galpin-50th-shelby-show 41-galpin-50th-shelby-show 42-galpin-50th-shelby-show 43-galpin-50th-shelby-show 44-galpin-50th-shelby-show 45-galpin-50th-shelby-show 46-galpin-50th-shelby-show 47-galpin-50th-shelby-show 48-galpin-50th-shelby-show 49-galpin-50th-shelby-show 50-galpin-50th-shelby-show 51-galpin-50th-shelby-show 52-galpin-50th-shelby-show 53-galpin-50th-shelby-show 54-galpin-50th-shelby-show 55-galpin-50th-shelby-show 56-galpin-50th-shelby-show 57-galpin-50th-shelby-show 58-galpin-50th-shelby-show 59-galpin-50th-shelby-show 60-galpin-50th-shelby-show 61-galpin-50th-shelby-show 62-galpin-50th-shelby-show 63-galpin-50th-shelby-show 64-galpin-50th-shelby-show 65-galpin-50th-shelby-show 66-galpin-50th-shelby-show 67-galpin-50th-shelby-show 68-galpin-50th-shelby-show 69-galpin-50th-shelby-show 70-galpin-50th-shelby-show 71-galpin-50th-shelby-show 72-galpin-50th-shelby-show 73-galpin-50th-shelby-show 74-galpin-50th-shelby-show 75-galpin-50th-shelby-show 76-galpin-50th-shelby-show 77-galpin-50th-shelby-show 78-galpin-50th-shelby-show 79-galpin-50th-shelby-show 80-galpin-50th-shelby-show 81-galpin-50th-shelby-show 82-galpin-50th-shelby-show 83-galpin-50th-shelby-show

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