We’ve previously shared some of the best photos we’ve ever seen of an Eleanor creation and still to this day we have not encountered a better example of a movie correct Eleanor Mustang. This week Dave got back in touch with us to share some new photos, a couple of videos and a funny story about a run in with law enforcement.

Dave’s story is an inspiring one. It shows with a lot of hard work a movie correct car is possible. Though for those who don’t have an Eleanor or are going down a different restoration path we can still marvel at these pictures. One you may notice taken from a boom attached to the car shows a law enforcement vehicle blocking Eleanor’s path. When we spoke to Dave he jokingly shared the story with us.

Some lady drove by us with the camera rig on the car and assumed we were “up to no good”. Naturally the car being the attention whore that it was it turned into the cops taking pictures of it, haha. They loved the fact that I run the California black plate (the car is registered in NY to the tag LYN 274)

We’re told next month there is a professional video to be released. If the quality of the photos are anything to go off then we’re in for a real treat.

If you want to build a car similar or just want to see the detail Dave has gone to you can check out his build thread HERE. It is a must for any Eleanor builder.

Thanks to Dave for sharing this with us.

Photos courtesy of killerblackbird

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