Ford Racing Mustang Cobra Jet Concept

Earlier today Ford Racing revealed the much-anticipated Mustang Cobra Jet Concept at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. While we’ve already given you the juicy details and the official images from Ford, we can now show you live photos from the car’s unveiling on the show floor. We’re happy to say the car looks simply stunning in person, in part due to the new EcoBoost livery that will be appearing on all of Ford’s motorsports programs throughout the world. While the twin-turbo Cobra Jet is simply a concept for now, we dearly hope that Ford will have a production version ready in the near future, whether in racing or road-going form.

You can browse through photos from the Ford Racing Mustang Cobra Jet unveiling below, and check back later this week for an even more detailed gallery of the car.

Ford Racing Mustang Cobra Jet Concept 02-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 03-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 04-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 05-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 06-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 07-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 08-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 09-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 10-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 11-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 12-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 13-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 14-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 15-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 16-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 17-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 18-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 19-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 20-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 21-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 22-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 23-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 24-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 25-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 26-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 27-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 28-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 29-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 30-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 31-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 32-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 33-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 34-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 35-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema 36-mustang-cobra-jet-concept-sema

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