281 Motorsports Saleen Speedster

With most of the Ford Mustangs here at the SEMA show in Las Vegas are either brand new or classic models, this Saleen Speedster from 281 Motorsports really stood out from the crowd. It also happens to be one of the cleanest New Edge Mustangs we’ve ever seen, and we love the Saleen SA20-inspired paint scheme with BASF Pearl White paint. The real beauty of the car is underneath the car, though, with a full Maximum Motorsports suspension setup and some custom pieces like hand-fabricated radiator support. Just as much attention has been given to the engine, with a fully-built 302ci stroker V8 fitted with a Vortech V7 JT Trim race supercharger system.

You can view all the specifications and photos of the car below.

281 Motorsports Saleen Speedster:


  • 4.6L iron block stroked to 302CID with K1 Technologies stroker kit
  • JE Pistons
  • Ford Racing aluminum CNC ported cylinder heads
  • ARP  head and main studs
  • Ferrea valvetrain
  • Comp Cams billet stage 2 camshafts
  • Ford Racing CNC ported and extrude honed intake manifold
  • Vortech V7 JT Trim race supercharger
  • Ron Davis Racing air-to-air intercooler
  • Ron Davis Racing double-pass custom radiator w/ SPAL fans
  • Setrab oil cooler & power steering cooler w/ SPAL fans
  • 281 Motorsports custom 6061 aluminum intercooler tubing
  • Innovators West 8-rib harmonic balancer
  • Thumpr Racing pulley and tensioner system
  • Accufab Racing billet throttle body
  • Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, fuel rails and regulator
  • Injector Dynamics 600cc injectors
  • Ceramic-coated JBA mid-length headers w/ crossover pipe and cat-back exhaust system
  • Moroso aluminum road race oil pan
  • Meziere extreme duty double bearing water pump
  • Lucas Racing oil
  • Tough Stuff Performance 200 amp alternator
  • Complete ARP 12-point chrome bolt assembled engine
  • HPS silicone hoses and stainless steel t-bolts
  • Goodridge AN steel braided hoses and aerospace JIC fittings
  • SCT Livewire engine tune calibration and diagnostics


  • ACT twin-disc clutch w/ billet steel flywheel
  • Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
  • Superior Axles 31-spline Chome Moly axles
  • Superior Axles 4.10 gears
  • Eaton Tru-Trac positraction differential
  • Saleen rear differential cover
  • Lucas full synthetic racing gear oil

Wheels & Tires:

  • Saleen wheels
  • BFGoodrich tires


  • 281 Motorsports hand-fabricated tubular core support
  • 281 Motorsports hand-fabricated custom upper radiator support brace
  • Maximum Motorsports coilover suspension system w/ Bilstein shocks
  • Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
  • Maximum Motorsports k-member
  • Maximum Motorsports heavy duty control arms
  • Maximum Motorsports extreme torque arm and panhard bar
  • Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors
  • Saleen heavy duty front and rear sway bars
  • Saleen/Brembo front brakes with 4-piston calipers
  • Baer Eradispeed rear brakes with Ford Racing calipers


  • Saleen S281 body kit w/ Speedster package
  • 281 Motorsports hand-fabricated aluminum splitter
  • BASF Glasurit 90 Crystal White Pearl paint
  • Porsche Speed Yellow and Matte Black paint accents
  • Shaved gas door, key hole, antenna


  • Cobra Daytona Performance Touring seats
  • Custom upholstered rear seats
  • Auto Meter gauges and pods
  • UPR Products billet accessories
  • BASF Glasurit 90 Crystal White Pearl painted interior pieces
  • Kenwood App based multimedia head unit
  • Alphasonik amplifiers and subwoofer
  • Focal Components speaker sets
  • Hushmat sound dampening
  • Custom trunk layout
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