Johnny Sparks Reversion Mustang

One of the highlights of last year’s SEMA show was the spectacularly retro “Reversion” Mustang built by Johnny Sparks. The 23-year-old took a standard 2011 Mustang GT and fitted it with hand-fabricated body panels from 1968 and 1969 Mustangs, then finished it off with a coat of matte red paint.

Sparks is back at SEMA again this year with Reversion, although he’s made a few updates to the car since we saw it last. A coat of custom blue paint with gunmetal gray accents has replaced the red hue, which we think gives the car a more finished look, and the body has been revised to include a new lower valence, a new hood and a tucked rear bumper. The 1968 rear 3/4 window has been swapped out for the modern version, which Sparks says fits with the body lines better, and Forgeline wheels and Baer brakes have been added as well.

You can see photos of Jonny Spark’s Reversion in the gallery below.

Johnny Sparks Reversion Mustang 02-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 03-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 04-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 05-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 06-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 07-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 08-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 09-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 10-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 11-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 12-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue 13-jonny-sparks-reversion-mustang-blue

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