Classic Recreation Shelby GT500CR Convertible

Oklahoma-based Classic Recreations has built some pretty incredible cars over the past few years, starting with the 1967 Shelby GT500CR followed up by various iterations since like the GT500CR 900S and the GT500CR Convertible. At first glance this GT500CR, which we spotted in the Dynacorn booth at this SEMA show, seems to simply be an example of the latter, but a closer look reveals something very unique about the car – it’s right-hand-drive.

Jason Engel, owner of Classic Recreations, tells us that this unique GT500CR was built for a customer in Australia, who’s motorists drive on the left side of the road. The conversion wasn’t easy – quite a few parts in the interior and engine bay had to be custom fabricated to get the steering system moved over – but the result is impressive. The interior looks like it was meant to be RHD from the very start.

You can see more of the right-hand-drive Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR Convertible in the gallery below.

Classic Recreation Shelby GT500CR Convertible 02-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 03-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 04-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 05-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 06-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 07-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 08-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema 09-rhd-shelby-gt500cr-sema

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