Ring Brothers 2013 Ford Mustang Switchback

The Ring Brothers have become legendary for their custom car builds, creating some of the most incredible Pro-Touring vehicles on the planet including several Ford Mustangs. That’s why we were excited to learn that the Wisconsin-based company were going to debut a 2013 Mustang at this year’s SEMA show.

While our expectations were certainly high, the Ring Brothers didn’t disappoint with their “Switchback” Mustang. In true Ring Brothers style the exterior of the car has been slathered in tastefully done carbon fiber and billet aluminum, and there’s plenty of cool features like a center-mounted exhaust and the spare tire mounted in a billet mount in place of the rear seat. There’s also a ProCharger supercharger system under the hood and custom-upholstered Recaro seats inside.

Ring Brothers 2013 Ford Mustang Switchback:


  • ProCharger intercooled supercharger system
  • Flowmaster AMT GT cat-back 409S dual rear exhaust system
  • Flowmaster headers
  • Royal Purple fluids
  • Hose Candy sleeves
  • Hurst Shifter
  • Moser Ford 9-inch rear end
  • Heatshield products
  • Driveshaft Shop driveshaft


  • HRE Ring Brothers Edition 1-piece wheels (19″ front, 20″ rear)
  • Nitto tires (275/35/19 front, 315/35/20 rear)


  • Ring Brothers signature carbon fiber body kit and front splitter
  • Ring Brothers 2-piece modular carbon fiber hood with interchangeable insert
  • Ring Brothers billet aluminum side vents
  • BASF Glasurit 90-line waterborne paint


  • Ring Brothers rear seats delete kit with spare tire mount
  • Upholstery Unlimited custom-wrapped leather package
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