Justin Pawlak's Formula Drift Mustang

On display at the Falken Tire booth at SEMA is Justin Pawlak’s Formula Drift Mustang. Pawlak is coming off a fourth place finish this season, winning two events, and capturing the Tires.com Triple Crown. We normally see his Mustang sliding sideways with smokey bits of destroyed tire rubberpouring out the back, so it was a stark contrast to see the car pristinely detailed on the show floor.

While an oblivious onlooker might assume Pawlak’s Mustang to be just a show car with its custom flat green paint and pearl blue accents, it’s anything but. Each of the body panels are constructed of dry carbon fiber to reduce weight, and under the hood is a 410 cubic inch naturally aspirated V8 built by Ford Racing and Roush/Yates. The car also features HRE Competition Series C21 wheels, a Tein coilover suspension system, Wilwood front and rear brakes and Sparco race seats.

You can see Justin Pawlak’s Formula Drift Mustang at SEMA in detail in the gallery below.

Justin Pawlak's Formula Drift Mustang 02-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 03-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 04-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 05-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 06-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 07-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 08-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 09-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema 10-justin-pawlak-fd-mustang-sema

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