Classic Design Concepts 2013 Ford Mustang

Classic Design Concepts was out in full force at SEMA this year, proudly displaying their Deep Impact Blue 2013 Ford Mustang featuring the company’s latest body components. You might notice that several of the pieces are similar to Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR package, and that’s because they are both made by CDC. Of notable difference is the hood graphics package that flows nicely with the shaker hood system as well as the grille with the GT badging. Finishing things off are the gorgeous RTR 19-inch wheels, which have us debating if the silver or black finish looks best.

Classic Design Concepts 2013 Ford Mustang:


  • CDC 5.0L GT shaker hood system
  • RTR exhaust system
  • CDC hood struts


  • RTR chin spoiler
  • CDC performance grille
  • CDC hood graphics package
  • RTR rear spoiler
  • RTR rear decklid panel
  • RTR license plate surround
  • RTR 3-piece rear splitter

Wheels & Tires:

  • RTR 19-inch silver wheels
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