Creations n' Chrome Top Notch Mustang

Of all the Ford Mustangs we were looking forward to seeing at SEMA, this chrome blue Fox Body Mustang built by Creations n’ Chrome of Valencia, CA topped our list. While the Spectra Chrome blue paint job certainly catches the eye, it’s what’s underneath that really impresses. Creations n’ Chrome has taken a race-prepped 1990 Mustang Coupe chassis and squeezed in a Ford Racing Aluminator 5.0L V8 fitted with a Vortech JT-Trim supercharger system that should produce around 700 horsepower. The V8 is set an incredible 17 inches back in the engine bay, allowing for the best possible weight distribution and a V-mount radiator setup. The power is delivered through a G-Force 5-speed transmission, RPS carbon fiber twin-disc clutch and a Currie 9-inch rear end with 35 spline axles.

Keeping the weight down on “Top Notch” was a top priority, and Creations n’ Chrome made sure to use lightweight components when possible. The carbon fiber exterior body panels from Motor City Solutions and Maier Racing weigh just 100 pounds, and the JME Enterprises billet aluminum cantilever SLA front suspension shaves 62 pounds from the stock setup. The tube chassis itself weighs just 700 pounds.

Also featured on the car are HRE C100 wheels wrapped with Falken Azenis tires, Wilwood brakes, Hotchkis suspension components, Sparco race seats and steering wheel and and AIM data logger with GPS. Best of all, owner Gary Watson tells us that “Top Notch” won’t just be a show car and will be used for Time Attack and standing mile competitions.

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