2013 Shelby GTS Widebody

The stunning GT500 Super Snake Widebody may have captured all of our attention yesterday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but it wasn’t the only new Mustang in the Shelby display. Also making its debut for the first time was a Shelby GTS featuring the new widebody kit, showing off its extra girth in Grabber Blue with White stripes and polished wheels. The car demonstrates the fact that Shelby is offering the new widebody kit on their entire range of models, and as we told you previously it will also be available on 2005-2009 models as well.

The widebody kit itself is comprised of new fiberglass front and rear fenders, adding 3-inches and 6-inches to the width of the car, respectively, as well as a wheel (20×10 front, 20×13 rear) and tire (265/35/R20 front, 345/35/R20 rear) package. Retail pricing for the full package is listed at $17,995.

You can see the Shelby GTS Widebody in more detail in the gallery below.

2013 Shelby GTS Widebody 02-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 03-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 04-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 05-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 06-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 07-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 08-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 09-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 10-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 11-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 12-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 13-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 14-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 15-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 16-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 17-2013-shelby-gts-widebody 18-2013-shelby-gts-widebody

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