1965 Shelby GT350

The past ownership of a car is just one of many factors that determines a car’s value, and for this particular 1965 Shelby GT350, its previous owner had a lot to do with its final selling price of $242,000 at Barrett-Jackson. Starting life as a race car, the GT350 was purchased by Ford in 1981 and used for their Performance Heritage Tour that went across the country. Afterwards the car was put on display in the Henry Ford Museum, then went to various collectors. Adding to the car’s appeal, the paint and interior are original, and while the interior isn’t, it has been swapped out for an GT350R crate engine.

Vehicle Description:

Highly documented, highly detailed and extremely rare. This 1965 Shelby GT350, serial number SFM5S195, has a noteworthy history as verified by Howard Pardee, SAAC Registrar for 1965/1966 GT350s. This GT350 started life in Louisiana and was used primarily in motorsports events. The original engine expired and was replaced with an R Model crate engine from Shelby American. In 1981, the Ford Motor Company purchased 5S195 to be used in their cross country Performance Heritage Tour. Following the tour, Ford prominently displayed 5S195 in the Henry Ford Museum. Since Ford’s ownership, this GT350 has been the prize of three significant collection. Two-time class winner at SAAC Nationals plus scores of concours events, denotes excellence to exterior paint, untouched for 32 years, and original interior. This unspoiled GT350 is numbers and codes correct and is equipped with the Shelby Performance optioned 48-IDA Weber carburation induction system as well as the Shelby-Cragar 5-spoke wheels mounted with Goodyear blue-dot tires. The original S2MS Shelby intake with correct S1MS 715cfm Holley carburetor is included in the sale.

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