Original 1967 Shelby GT500

After an all-original 1965 Shelby GT350 “Barn Find” sold for an incredible $385,000 at last year’s Barrett-Jackson auction, we had our eye on this 1967 Shelby GT500. In a similar, all-original and unrestored condition and just 9,508 on the odometer, the car was ripe for a bidding war. That didn’t quite happen, though, and while the $192,500 final selling price is certainly impressive, it didn’t quite match up to the GT350 sale the previous year. Regardless of the car’s value, we hope the new owner keeps it in its original condition. After all, you can never un-restore a car.

Vehicle Description:

This is a rare ’67 Mustang that has been on display at the Shelby American Museum in Las Vegas and on a limited national tour that included The Quail- A Motorsport Gathering and the Shelby American Automobile Club annual convention. It currently has 9,508 miles and may be one of the lowest mileage ’67 Shelby GT500s in existence. This Shelby is owned by Stephen Becker. “This car was one of the first GT500′s produced at the Shelby American factory” said Becker. “From its design and performance to its heritage and history, there’s nothing like it.” The car is truly a special survivor. In 1966, Edward Milkos decided to order the ’67 Shelby for drag racing. After the car was delivered on February 27, 1967, he spent the next two years competing in races. Unfortunately, his racing career ended when he suffered a serious injury. By the time Milkos healed, fuel prices had dramatically risen and the car was stored in his basement. 30 years later, Milkos decided to trade in the Shelby to Becker for a late model Jaguar. This 1967 GT500 is a Nightmist Blue with black interior, a highly desired color combination. Equipped with its matching numbers 428cid Police Interceptor engine with dual 4 barrel carburetion, 4-speed transmission and rear end. All original documentation including New Jersey plate and inspection sticker and the consecutive Shelby production number. The car still has its original paint, wheels, tires and drivetrain. “This original, well documented, low mileage vehicle is one of the rarest Shelby’s ever built and one of my prized possessions,” noted Becker.

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