First 1967 Shelby GT350

There’s something to be said about being first, and as far as collector cars go, being a first means also being more desirable. That’s why we had our eye on this Shelby GT350, which has the claim to fame of being the very first 167 Shelby Mustang built – of either model. The GT350 served as the show car for the LA Auto Show in 1966 and features several unique, hand-built parts not used on the rest of the production models. Amazingly, the car still retains many of its original components including all of the body panels, engine and transmission, and it recently underwent a complete nut and bolt restoration. Since that time the GT350 has only been driven 45 miles. Final selling price? $165,000.

Vehicle Description:

Sitting before you is one of the most unique and important 1967 Shelby Mustangs on the planet. A fully documented Ford pilot show car, built for internal use and displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in the fall of 1966. This GT350 boasts first day of production status, which is the earliest completion/build date of any 1967 Shelby. Shelby historians believe that this is the first production 1967 Shelby produced as the Ford VIN is 75 units ahead of any other 1967 Shelby produced. After this special Shelby completed the show circuit, Ford gifted it to the Chairman of Avis Rent a Car. Speculation being that Ford was in discussion with Avis to persuade them to replace the Hertz Rent a Car Shelby Program for 1967. This vehicle retains each and every one of the unique and early hand built, non-production pieces that make these early production 1967 Shelby’s incredibly hard to restore. Items such as the one piece grill, steel reinforced hood and deck lid, flat taillight panel, flat gas cap, very rare 4-point roll bar, inboard lights, red upper side marker lights, and documented original hand engraved Shelby ID plate. After extensive research about the cars remarkable history, the current owner completed a very high quality nut and bolt, concourse restoration. Virtually all NOS parts were used in this restoration. A total of 45 miles have been logged since its completion. A Gold Concourse winner at multiple SAAC events. Remarkably, this Shelby retains 100% of its original body panels, along with its original serial numbered engine and transmission, including all original paper work.

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