When Ford launched the 2013 Mustang online customizer back in June, they announced that they would be giving away Mustangs to four lucky owners exactly how they designed them online. The third and latest customized Mustang has now been spoken for, going to Michael Corley, a police officer from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

How Ford delivered Corley’s custom Mustang is a story in itself, with the town’s police chief, Chris Atkins, playing a part. Both he and Corley were supposed to be going to “test ddrive new police pursuit vehicles” when a call comes in about a possible stolen Mustang. When Corley sees the car and pulls it over…well, you can probably imagine the rest.

You can watch the third “Battle for Your Dream Mustang” winner get his car in the video below, and head over to the 2013 Mustang customizer to try and win your own.

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