2013 Ford Mustang

Ford has released the first batch of sales numbers for 2013 showing the results for the month of January, and things aren’t looking quite as rosy as they were last year. Dealerships managed to move just 3,608 Mustangs off their lots last month, a 3.4 percent decrease compared to the 3,736 sold during the same time last year. The number represents the lowest number of Mustang sales in a month for the last two years when just 3,165 were sold in January of 2011. This is in stark contrast to overall Ford sales, which grew 22 percent year-over-year.

So is the slow start to 2013 a sign of things to come for the Mustang? For the short term, probably so. With an all new Mustang in a little over a year it’s likely than many customers will delay their purchases over the next several months in anticipation of the new model. The good news? Perhaps Ford will provide more incentives for the Mustang to try and boost sales.

You can see a breakdown of Ford Mustang sales over the past couple years in the chart below.

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