Ford Mustangs at Chicago Auto Show

Going into the Chicago Auto Show last week we were hoping that Ford would bring out some 2014 model-year Mustangs so that we could see some of the new option packages and colors – Ruby Red and Oxford White – in person. After all, production of the 2014 Mustang is already underway and they should start arriving at dealerships across the country sometime next month. That’s why we were a little disappointed to see a fleet of 2013 Mustangs greet us in the Windy City when we first stepped onto the show floor.

Regardless, the lineup of six different Mustangs in Chicago is still impressive and will offer the auto show crowds a good look at the various models and trim levels. Everything from a base Mustang V6 decked out in Grabber Blue to a stunning Shelby GT500 Convertible are currently on display.

Can’t make it to the Chicago Auto Show to see the cars for yourself? Just check out our photo gallery below.

Ford Mustangs at Chicago Auto Show 02-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 03-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 04-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 05-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 06-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 07-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 08-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 09-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 10-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 11-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 12-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 13-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 14-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 15-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 16-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 17-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 18-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 19-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 20-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 21-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 22-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 23-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 24-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 25-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013 26-ford-mustangs-chicago-2013

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