Ford Mustang Laguna Seca Slot Car Track

Strolling through the Ford display at the Chicago Auto Show last week we nearly walked right past this custom slot car track without giving it more than a glance. We ended up stopping to take a closer look, though, and we’re glad we did because it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest slot car tracks ever built. Designed and constructed by David Beattie of Slot Mods, who has built custom tracks for the likes of Jay Leno and Bobby Rahal, it features a layout inspired by the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca including the legendary “corkscrew” turn, bridges, genuine aluminum railings, landscaping, trees and spectators. Of course, the track’s signage has been changed to a Mustang theme, highlighting the car’s upcoming 50th anniversary. Up to four Mustangs can race at once, and lap times are recorded and displayed on a digital screen.

We briefly spoke to Beattie regarding the track, who told us that it took approximately three months to build and cost an incredible $90,000. Amazingly, most of the tracks he builds take anywhere from 4-5 months and can ring up an even higher price tag.

You can see the Ford Mustang slot car track in action in the video below, and we also took plenty of photos of all the track’s details that can be seen in the gallery.

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