2014 Ford Mustang FP6 Appearance Package

The 2014 Ford Mustang doesn’t have much in the way of updates compared to the previous model year, highlighted by two new colors and the addition of appearance packages for both the V6 and GT. When the 2014 Mustang online configurator went live last month we took a look at the FP8 appearance package for the Mustang GT and didn’t notice anything too special. We somehow missed the FP6 package for the V6 model, though, but thankfully spotted it during our most recent time on Ford’s web site. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we think it’s one of the best looking Mustangs Ford currently offers.

Available on the standard Mustang V6 coupe (no Premium and Convertible) with either transmission, the FP6 Appearance Package includes 18-inch gloss black painted wheels, a set of body-colored window louvers, a gloss black rear spoiler and gloss black mirror caps. We especially dig the wheels, which stand out in contrast to bright colors like Grabber Blue or make the car look downright menacing when paired with Sterling Gray or Black. Best of all the package is fairly affordable at only $795. The only downside? You can’t combine it with the V6 Performance Package.

You can see the 2014 Ford Mustang V6 with the FP6 Appearance Package in the entire range of colors below, and let us know your favorite in the comments.

2014 Ford Mustang FP6 Appearance Package 02-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 03-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 04-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 05-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 06-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 08-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 09-2014-mustang-fp6-appearance-package 2014 Ford Mustang FP6 Appearance Package

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