We’ve showed you some pretty spectacular bumper-dragging, fender-crunching, frame-smashing wheelstands before, but this latest one takes the cake as perhaps the most impressive ever. The feat was performed by Jere Etheridge in his twin-turbo 2000 Ford Mustang, who was competing at the “Lights Out 4″ drag race at the South Georgia Motorsports Park this past weekend. The run seemed to start smooth enough, with Etheridge launching cleanly off the line. Partially down the track, however, the nose starts to lift. For a brief second the front tires come back to the pavement, but they quickly bounce back up into a full-blown wheelstand. Amazingly, with the front tires off the ground, the Mustang generats enough lift to get all four tires up into the air. At this point most people are thinking that the run probably won’t end well, but somehow the Mustang manages to land back on all four wheels, albeit in the opposing lane. Thankfully no one is hurt, and it looks like Etheridge’s Mustang will live to see another drag race.

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