Bodie Stroud 1969 Mustang The Real Thing

If this 1969 Mustang looks somewhat familiar that’s because we’ve featured it on the site before, first during its debut at the 2010 SEMA Show and once again when it made a stop over at Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage. The car is so incredible that it deserves yet another look, though, this time in a very well done video that tells the story of the car’s creation as narrated by the builder, Bodie Stroud.

Nicknamed “The Real Thing”, the 1969 Mustang might not appear that much different than other restomods out there, but what really sets the car apart is what’s under the hood. Powering the Mustang is a 494 cubic inch aluminum V8 originally built to power one of Mario Andretti’s Can-Am cars in 1969. Only ten of the engines were made, with this one dyno tested at an incredible 777 horsepower. Making the Mustang even more unique is that the unibody has been separated and put on a custom chassis to help it handle like a modern sports car.

You can learn more about the car and how it was built by clicking the play button below.

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