Performance Autosport 2013 Ford Mustang RTR

We’ve been following Performance Autosport and driver Chris Cobetto since they debuted their NASA American Iron race car in 2011. Not only does the team have lots of success on track,  as they not only have a lot of success on track, winning two straight Mid-Atlantic American Iron championships, but their cars are also beautifully designed. The same goes for the latest iteration of the car, which Performance Autosport debuted this weekend with updated 2013 RTR bodywork and an all new race livery that they describe as a “darker, meaner, more menacing look.”

It’s not all cosmetic, though, as the PAS Mustang has been upgraded with a new suspension system from CorteX Racing including their SLA front suspension and Xtreme-Grip watts-link at the rear.

The new Performance Autosport Mustang RTR will make its racing debut this weekend at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia.

Performance Autosport 2013 Ford Mustang RTR 02-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 03-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 04-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 05-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 06-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 07-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 08-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr 09-performance-autosport-2013-mustang-rtr

[Source: Performance Autosport, Images: FlimFlam Media]

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