The beauty of the NASA American Iron Extreme class is that any OEM engine can be used and there are no horsepower or torque limits. As you might imagine, this leads to some interesting powertrain combinations. A perfect example is this 2008 Ford Mustang recently completed by The Mustang Shop in Auburn, WA. Under the hood is a 358 cubic inch V8 sourced from one of Mark Martin’s Winston Cup race car. The engine and several other components from the car including the shifter and driveshaft were purchased from Roush/Yates and squeezed into the Mustang’s engine bay.

According to the company, the stock hood had to be trimmed to accommodate the carbon fiber air cleaner cover, and the intake, cam and carburetor were all swapped out for components more suited to road racing. The Mustang’s stock suspension has been beefed up with a full Whiteline setup including a watts-link system and anti-dive kit.

Want to see and hear more of this very unique NASCAR-powered Mustang race car. Check out the videos and photo gallery below.

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[Source: The Mustang Shop]


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