Ford Racing M-6009-427F

Giving project car owners even more powerplant options, Ford Racing Performance Parts have announced a new selection of short blocks in three different variations. Available in 347, 363 and 427 cubic inch displacements, the short blocks all feature a SCAT forged steel crankshaft, forged I-beam connecting rods and forged Mahle pistons. The 347 and 363 short blocks fit many vehicles originally built with 289 or 302 blocks with 8.2-inch deck height, while the 427 short block’s deck height of 9.5 inches will fit in just about any Ford vehicle.

These same shortblocks also serve as the foundation for a number of Ford Racing Crate Engines. The 347 is used in the 415 HP D347SR Sealed Racing Engine. The 363 pumps out 500 HP as the Z363 Crate Engine – and the 427 produces 535 HP on Z427 Crate Engine form. From there, customers can build them up the way they want them. Just add your choice of heads, cam, intake, and oil pan.

New Ford Racing pushrod short blocks:

  • Ford Racing 347 Shortblock – M-6009-347 MSRP $ 4,899
  • Ford Racing 363 Shortblock – M-6009-363 MSRP $ 4,999
  • Ford Racing 427 Shortblock – M-6009-427F MSRP $ 5,299

[Source: Ford Racing]

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