Agent 47 1969 Ford Mustang American Iron Race Car

Agent 47 Racing showed off their latest project this past month at the Fabulous Fords Forever show in Southern California, a 1969 Ford Mustang that will compete in NASA’s American Iron racing series. The car, dubbed the Harbinger X2, is a follow-up to their initial road-going 1969 Harbinger Mustang that the company built a few years ago. As you can see from the photos the new car is still very much in progress, although a company representative tells us it should be ready to go and out on track by early next month.

Unlike the initial Harbinger Mustang, which was based on a fiberglass Dynacorn body, the X2 is a genuine 1969 Mustang, albeit highly modified. The existing frame rails are used, but a fully integrated roll cage extends into the engine bay where a brand new Ford Racing Boss 302 crate motor has been installed. A unique airbox co-developed between Agent 47 and K&N feeds air through the single throttle body, and a custom exhaust system exits just past the passenger door. The exposed front end also reveals Agent 47′s SLA suspension system, with a setup close to their current SN95 Mustang race car. While not pictured, the Harbinger X2 will also get custom fender flares and bodywork inspired by the Trans-Am Mustangs of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

We’ll show you more photos, and hopefully some video, once the Agent 47 Harbinger X2 Mustang is finished, but until then you can see the yet-to-be-completed version in detail in the photo gallery below.

Agent 47 1969 Ford Mustang American Iron Race Car 02-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 03-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 04-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 05-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 06-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 07-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 08-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 09-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 10-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 11-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 12-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 13-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang 14-agent-47-ai-1969-mustang

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    Agent 47 previews new 1969 Mustang American Iron race car | Mustang News

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