Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang Boss 302S

The Ford Mustang had its most successful outing of the 2013 SCCA World Challenge season with Dean Martin of Rehagen Racing taking his very first win in the series. Martin, in only his second career World Challenge start, won the second of two races that were part of the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, marking the first time that the Mustang has claimed the top spot on the podium this season. Taking advantage of a race restart on lap 21, Martin managed to squeeze past several spinning cars to take the lead before the yellow flag came out again and held onto it for the remainder of the race.

“I don’t know if there was more than three inches extra between Andy’s [Pilgrim] car and the wall,” Martin said. “Alec [Udell] and I managed to get between them, and then just started charging on when I saw the green flag. It looked like Aschenbach got hurt in the accident, or just checked up. I just stuffed it in there and got by him, and then came around and saw the white flag. I was a little relieved because I saw Mark [Wilkins] coming.”

There were several other Mustang drivers that finished in the top ten as well including Alex Udell who claimed the final podium spot in 3rd, Brad Adams in 7th, and rookie Roger Rodas of the Always Evolving team that finished a season best in 9th.

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[Source: SCCA World Challenge]

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