2013 Ford Mustang

There’s good news, and there’s bad news. On the positive front, Ford Mustang sales in the month of May were the highest of 2013 with 8,797 units sold. That’s over 1,000 more than in April, which had the previous best for the year. On the downside, May sales lagged behind last year’s numbers by more than fifteen percent when 10,427 units were sold. Overall Ford Mustang sales are down 11.7 percent for the year, 33,868 compared to 38,361 for 2012. That’s not too surprising, given that the introduction of the next generation 2015 Mustang is inching closer and closer.

Overall Ford sales were up 14 percent in May, with the all-important retail sales up an impressive 17 percent. Both Fusion and Escape set monthly sales records for the fourth straight month, with Fusion posting it’s all time best May numbers. F-Series sales continued on an impressive trend, boasting their highest figures in six years. Things look positive for the future as well, with Ford Motor Company announcing that production will be increased by ten percent for the third quarter.

You can see a breakdown of monthly Ford Mustang sales in the chart below.

[Source: Ford]

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