If there’s ever a car that embodies the “Built Ford Tough” tagline, it’s Jack Haden’s 2003 Mustang. After hiding out in a storm cellar with his pregnant wife to avoid the massive EF5 tornado that hit Oklahoma last week, Haden emerged to find his beloved Mustang thrown across the road and smashed into a tree. By the look of it, the Mustang was obliterated and would never run again. Imagine his surprise, then, when he turned the key and the engine fired right up. After tearing off much of the mangled bodywork Haden even decided to take it for a spin around town, much to the delight of the nearby residents. “We decided just to chop it up and take it out for everyone to see,” he told the local television station.

In fact, Haden’s Mustang seems to be running so well that he even decided to do a burnout. After all, you don’t need doors or seat belts to roast the rear tires. Check out the footage below.

[Source: Yahoo Autos]

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