Need for Speed Shelby GT500

Yesterday Ford announced that a custom Shelby GT500 would take a starring role in the upcoming ‘Need for Speed’ movie set to be released in the Spring of 2014, and the car was officially unveiled later that day at EA’s press conference in Los Angeles as part of the E3 Expo. We were on hand for the official unveiling of the car, introduced by its co-star Aaron Paul, and and thanks to a private photo session later in the day, we’re happy to be able to show you all the details of the car up close.

Because it will be competing with much more expensive supercars in the movie, the NFS Shelby GT500 needed a much more aggressive appearanced, and it got it thanks to the specially designed widebody kit and two extra large air inlets on either side of the car. The the auxiliary lights in the grille have been removed, and in true movie car fashion have been fitted with a ring of LED lights that turn on with the main headlights. On the hood is a set of dual intakes, although we’re sad to inform you that they’re not functional along with the intakes along the side of the car. Of course, we wouldn’t expect much more given the car’s purpose, and it still gives the car an attractively edgy look. The rear view mirrors have been replaced with rear-facing cameras (although we’re told they’re non-functioning as well), and filling out the wheel well is a set of 22-inch Forgiato wheels. Inside the NFS Shelby is mostly stock, fitted with a Ford Racing shifter and rear seat delete with cross bracing. As for the engine, the car in the movie plot has 900 horsepower, but being mostly a prop the Shelby retains its stock specification.

To see all the details of the Need for Speed Shelby GT500 for yourself, then check out our gallery of photos below.

Need for Speed Shelby GT500 02-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 03-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 04-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 05-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 06-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 07-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 08-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 09-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 10-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 11-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 12-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 13-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 14-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 15-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 16-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 17-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 18-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 19-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 20-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 21-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 22-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 23-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 24-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 25-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 26-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 27-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500 28-need-for-speed-shelby-gt500

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