1962 Ford Mustang 1 Concept

Ford is counting down the day’s to the Mustang’s 50th anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion they will be releasing weekly videos to look back at what made it America’s favorite pony car. To kick things off, Ford is highlighting the car that started it all – the 1962 Mustang 1 Concept. Debuting in October of 1962 at Watkins Glen, the Mustang 1 was an instant hit with its sleek, futuristic appearance. Of course, not much of the concept’s design made it to the production version two years later, but a few items including the iconic galloping pony logo still live on today. Currently, the car resides in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, but it occasionally makes public appearances like in 2010 when it was featured at the Pebble Beach Concours.

You can learn more about the 1962 Ford Mustang by watching the video below or check out the rarely seen images of the car just released by Ford.

01-1962-ford-mustang-concept 02-1962-ford-mustang-concept 1962 Ford Mustang 1 Concept 04-1962-ford-mustang-concept 05-1962-ford-mustang-concept 06-1962-ford-mustang-concept 07-1962-ford-mustang-concept 08-1962-ford-mustang-concept

[Source: Ford]

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