The Shelby American Autombile Club (SAAC) held its 38th annual convention this past week at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, with dozens of Shelby Mustang and Cobra owners making the trek to the West Coast for the festivities. While the event location changes from year to year, the Southern California racetrack, formerly known as California Speedway, has played host to the SAAC gathering previously – 2002 and 2005 – and offers up a 2.8 mile road course utilizing a large portion of the massive banked oval used by NASCAR and Indycar.

The two track days of SAAC 38 (the third and final day is a car show) were packed with Shelby Mustangs of all kinds, from vintage racers to late model street cars and everything in between. While many of the race groups had quite a diversity of cars, there were also specific races for classic Shelby and Trans-Am Mustangs. You can check out some of the highlights below.

The paddock was packed with vintage Shelby Mustangs. Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue stripes seemed to be a recurring theme.

The garages were full as well, and there was a constant buzz of owners prepping their cars to go out on track.

There were some impressive modern Shelby Mustangs on display as well, thanks to displays from Shelby American and Galpin Ford.

As you can see from the stickers on this GT350, many owners bring their cars to SAAC year after year.

Auto Club Speedway's oval allowed for owners to experience their cars at high speed. It also meant you could watch the cars at nearly every point on track.

While many of them weren't badged as Shelbys, the Trans-Am racers are always fantastic to see and hear out on track.

While they didn't have a competitive race group, there were plenty of late model Shelby Mustangs on track. You can see quite a few Shelby models in the photo - GT500KR, GT, GT500, GT350.

While most of the late model Mustangs were street cars, there were a handful of race cars as well. This brand new 2013 Mustang Boss 302S was brought and raced by Galpin Ford.

Mixing old and new, Agent 47 brought out their Coyote Boss 302-powered 1969 Mustang race car. We'll have more detailed photos of this car in the coming days.

You can see more photos of the on-track action from SAAC 38 in the gallery below.

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