1966 Ford Mustang Limousine

Want a classic Mustang but need more room than the 2+2 seating provides? We’ve got just the thing. Specialty Sales Classics in Redwood City, CA has a 1966 Ford Mustang Limousine for sale complete with the original 289ci V8 under the hood, a 3-speed automatic transmission and just 69,683 miles on the odometer. The company says the limo is in perfectly stock with the exception of the rear seating area and suspension system (although the aftermarket Grant steering wheel is obvious), meaning everything from the front seats to the trunk are the same as a standard ’66 Mustang. “Everything else has been kept as close to original as possible to make this unique ride truly appealing,” says the description.

So what will it take to make this 1966 Ford Mustang Limousine yours? Specialty Sales Classics has a “Buy It Now” price of $49,990. You can buy a lot of Mustang for $50k (we’ll take this one), but we’re guessing we’re probably not the target market for this car. A limousine company will probably pick up the car and it will spend the rest of its days shuttling around newlyweds teenagers going to prom.

You can check out more photos of the classic Mustang limousine below, or head over to the eBay listing for more details.

1966 Ford Mustang Limousine 02-1966-mustang-limo 03-1966-mustang-limo 04-1966-mustang-limo 05-1966-mustang-limo 06-1966-mustang-limo 07-1966-mustang-limo 08-1966-mustang-limo 09-1966-mustang-limo 10-1966-mustang-limo 11-1966-mustang-limo 12-1966-mustang-limo 13-1966-mustang-limo 14-1966-mustang-limo 15-1966-mustang-limo 16-1966-mustang-limo 17-1966-mustang-limo 18-1966-mustang-limo

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