Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang

The 2009 Lee Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang Fastback featured on truTV’s Hardcore Pawn is on eBay. Again.

A couple won the exceedingly rare Mustang at a casino and sold it to American Jewelry & Loan for $67,000 in 2011. In 2012, the show’s Seth Gold said it was the most expensive item he’d ever bought for the store.

Number 11 of just 45 built, the Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang was originally priced at $175,000 on the pawn shop’s web site in June of 2011. By June 2012, the price had dropped to $135,000. Still, 93% of voters chose “Crack Pipe” in Jalopnik’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe poll. Today, Iacocca Mustang #11 can be yours for just $89,999.88—more than $85,000 below the pawn shop’s original asking price and within $50 of the original MSRP. The car has just 63 miles on the odometer and comes with all the original paperwork.

Head over to the eBay listing for more details or to put in your bid, or check out the car in detail in the gallery below.

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