1993 Ford Mustang Cobra R

The 1993 SVT Cobra R is one of the rarest Mustangs ever built with just 107 produced, so it’s not very often that one comes up for sale. A pristine example will be up for grabs next week, though, at Auction America’s California sale in Burbank. Lot number 474, the car has been a part of two collections over the past twenty years, and amazingly has amassed only 600 miles during that time. As you might guess, the car is in immaculate and original condition. It will cross the block at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport on Friday, August 2nd.

You can read Auction America’s description and check out a gallery of the car below.

Vehicle Description:

302-cid, 235-hp, pushrod overhead valve V-8 engine, five-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with coil springs, live axle rear suspension with coil springs, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 100.5-inches.

Ford made a daring move in 1993, recognizing the competitiveness of the Mustang and creating, for the first time in years by an American manufacturer, a race-ready competition car that could be bought off the showroom floor and taken directly into competition. One of the first projects from Ford’s Special Vehicles Team established in 1991, the Cobra R broke new ground. With only 107 originally built, they were and still are avidly sought by collectors.

This particular example was never used for the purposes Ford intended. Instead, it has been a part of two important Ford collections over the years and has accumulated a mere 600 miles. This Cobra R presents a great opportunity to own a true street capable racecar with Ford SVT heritage in well-preserved and excellent overall original condition.

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[Source: Auctions America]

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