Cervinis Type 4 Ram Air Hood

Cervinis has announced the release of their new Type 4 Ram Air Hood designed for the 2013-2014 Ford Mustang. Part #1211, the hood features premium hand-laid fiberglass construction, fully furnished on the underside, with pre-cut ram air ducts that allow cool air to flow into the engine bay and functional heat extractor vents that pull excess heat out. The hood installs in the factory locations with the factory latches, and new bottom-mounted washer nozzles are included.

Cervinis offers customers a variety of options when it comes to finishes. The hood can be ordered unpainted or color-matched to any of the Ford factory colors offered in 2013 and 2014, and the louvers can be color-matched, finished in matte black or unpainted. All painted hoods come standard with a gloss black gel coated underside.

Pricing for the unpainted Cervinis Type 4 Ram Air Hood is listed at $638.99, while painted versions cost an extra $349.99 to $399.99 depending on color.

Cervinis Type 4 Ram Air Hood 02-cervinis-type-4-ram-air-hood 03-cervinis-type-4-ram-air-hood Cervinis Type 4 Ram Air Hood 05-cervinis-type-4-ram-air-hood 06-cervinis-type-4-ram-air-hood 07-cervinis-type-4-ram-air-hood 08-cervinis-type-4-ram-air-hood

[Source: Cervinis]

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