2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

While previous 2015 Ford Mustang prototypes have been spied testing on the streets of Dearborn, it looks like the engineering team has headed south for the summer to do hot weather testing in Arizona. Several Mustang prototypes were recently caught driving around in the city of Flagstaff, and it looks (and sounds) like one of them may be powered by the EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. Someone with a keen eye and a quick hand managed to get video of the car, and judging by the exhaust note it’s very likely that the turbocharged four-cylinder is under the hood.

The return of a four-cylinder to the Mustang lineup is now a sure thing, as a Ford executive confirmed the rumor in January of last year. The output is still unknown, although various reports put it anywhere between 310 and 350 horsepower. It will likely be a premium option above the V6, although still below the 5.0L V8 that is expected to get a moderate horsepower increase.

Check out the short video below and decide for yourself whether you think the 2015 Mustang prototype is packing a four-cylinder engine.

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