Ford Mustangs at Mecum Monterey 2013

This past week in Monterey there were no less than five car auctions, all with a wide variety of classic and modern collectable cars up for grabs. For those interested in Ford Mustangs, though, Mecum was the place to be. The Wisconsin-based auction house had dozens of incredible Mustangs up for grabs as well as some fairly affordable vintage models for those on a budget.

An incredible all original, unrestored 1969 Mustang Boss 429 led all Mustang sales (and the eighth highest in the auction overall), commanding a $550,000 price tag – the second highest ever for a Boss 429. Also of note was the McMurrey Family collection, featuring seven very special Mustangs including the very first production 2012 Mustang Boss 302 (unsold at $75,000), a 1970 Boss 302 Trans-Am racer prototype (unsold at $185,000), a mint 1966 Mustang Fastback K-Code (sold at $70,000), a 1970 Boss 429 (sold at $222,500) and more.

Also of note were some very collectable Shelby Mustangs, from a 1969 GT500 that was once owned by Carroll Shelby (sold for 140,000), a 1966 GT350 race car previously owned by the legendary Stirling Moss (unsold at $325,000), and the Shelby GT350CR prototype from Classic Recreations (unsold at $140,000).

You can see all these Ford Mustangs and more from Mecum’s 2013 Monterey auction in our photo gallery below.

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Photos © 2013

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