Every once in a while a video that goes viral that has everybody talking for weeks, and for us this is one of those videos. It’s called “Chase Like a Boss,” and it had us clicking the replay button more than a few times. After all, what’s not to like about a  classic Mustang Boss 302 tearing up a European mountain road while being chased by a crazy war machine wielding a flail and a reaper?

Amazingly, this awesome brief action flick was created by a few friends who work at a video production company. Working in their time off, they captured footage in Romania over a two day period using a Cannon 5D with a 14mm lens, much of it from the back of an open wagon with the camera stabilized by nothing more than some bean bags. They also got some help from their company with some of the sound, music and rendering.

The video also transitions to promoting the modern Boss 302 with a clever tagline. It’s done well enough that we would have though it was commissioned by Ford itself. Perhaps the Blue Oval should take notice , as we wouldn’t mind seeing another Mustang video from this team.

Check out the amazing video for yourself below.

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