2013 Saleen Open House

Saleen held their annual open house and car show this past weekend, with dozens of Saleen and Mustang owners gathering for the festivities at the company’s headquarters in Corona, CA. There were more than thirty classes for Saleen, SMS and Ford vehicles, as well non-judged classes for those that just wanted to bring their car to display. Special awards were also given out by the SOEC for the longest distance driven and longest distance traveled to the show.

Saleen itself also brought out their latest wares, and for the first time in several years had significant new product offerings on display. The 2014 George Follmer Edition Mustang , introduced just last month at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, was front and center along with the 700 horsepower 351 Supercharged Mustang prototype that the company debuted back in April.

Saleen also showed several other signs of revival during the open house. The company has taken over the adjoining building next to their production facility and has already begun moving over the technology, Speedlab and paint divisions to the new space. A sign of things to come? Let’s hope so.

You can see our photos from this year’s Saleen Open House and Car Show in the gallery below.

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