Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Twin-Turbo Concept

Back in July when the 2014 Mustang Cobra Jet was introduced, we made an inquiry to the boys over at Ford Racing to see if it would be the last year for the turn-key racer.  While we didn’t expect specifics, Jesse Kershaw, the division’s Drag Racing Parts and Competition Manager did give us a tidbit of information. “As for the future we have no plans to abandon a successful program, but we are also not currently discussing timing and content,” he told us. Did that confirm the Cobra Jet would be part of the next generation Mustang? Debatable.

However, Kershaw gave Hot Rod the scoop last month when he confirmed that the next generation Cobra Jet was already under development. “Our goals remain the same for next year as they are every year, produce a competitive product at a price that is a value for the racer,” he told them “We want to ensure this program is here to stay.”

One thing Kershaw didn’t confirm, though, was that the next generation Cobra Jet was going to be a Mustang. Hot Rod speculated that Ford could switch to a rear-wheel drive Taurus or Fusion platform. While that might seem far-fetched, it’s not such a crazy idea. Although the Cobra Jet engine was most famous for its use in high-performance Mustangs, Ford also offered it in the Falcon, Fairlane and Torino as well as the Mercury Cougar, Montego and Cyclone.

Thankfully, that won’t be the case. We can now confirm that the next generation Cobra Jet will in fact be a Mustang. We asked Ford Racing head honcho directly, and he emphatically told us that “Mustang and Cobra Jet are inseparable!”

Interestingly, you might already be able to put your order in for a next generation Cobra Jet. Back in July Kershaw informed us that Ford Racing accepts placeholder orders for future Cobra Jets under the part number M-FR500-CJ. “This is a holding order bank that gives those dealers first right of refusal on the next model year car,” he told us.

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