Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang RTR

2013 brought quite a few changes for Vaughn Gittin Jr. After finishing second in the standings in 2012, the 2010 Formula Drift champion left the comfort of Falken Tire to start his own team, combining forces with Nitto Tire. Gittin kicked off the season well with a second place finish in Long Beach and a third place finish in Atlanta to put him in the points lead, but failing to make the podium the rest of the season resulted in a fifth place finish in the standings at the end of the season.

The Formula Drift finale at Irwindale Speedway this past weekend seemed representative of Gittin’s season on the whole. After qualifying a strong second place and easily making it through the round of sixteen, he was eventually knocked out in the final eight. We’re sure it won’t keep Gittin down for long, though, and we can’t wait to see him compete for the championship once again next year.

To see photos of Vaughn Gittin Jr. at the Formula Drift finale at Irwindale Speedway check out our gallery below.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang RTR 02-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 03-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 04-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 05-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 06-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 07-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 08-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 09-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 10-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 11-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 12-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 13-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 14-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 15-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 16-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 17-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 18-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 19-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 20-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 21-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 22-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 23-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 24-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 25-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 26-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 27-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 28-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 29-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 30-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 31-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 32-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 33-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 34-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 35-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 36-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013 37-vaughn-gittin-jr-irwindale-2013

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