Driving flat out on Germany’s famous Autobahn is on the bucket list of just about every car enthusiast. With no posted speed limits in many places, your top speed is only limited by what’s under your car’s hood and your own willingness to fully apply the accelerator.

For Mustang fans the obvious vehicle of choice to drive on the Autobahn would be the Shelby GT500. With a 662 horsepower supercharged V8 under the hood the GT500 is capable of reaching 200 mph given a long enough stretch of pavement, and the Autobahn provides enough room to explore a good majority of that.

The folks over at Autoblog.nl, a Dutch car web site, were fortunate enough to do just that, as they took a brand new Shelby GT500 to Germany to see just how fast it could go. Their test driver manages to reach 190 mph (while remaining strangely calm) before backing off the throttle. They also had several cameras rolling, and you can check out the footage in the video below.

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