Lego Shelby GT500

If you’re like us then you spent countless hours of your childhood playing with Legos. While we occasionally built the pre-designed castles, pirate ship or space craft that came in the sets, more often than not we mixed pieces together to construct a creation of our own.

Of course, none of our custom Lego sets were all that cool or well designed, especially compared to the amazing contraption you see here. Designed by Sheepo’s Garage, who specializes in highly detailed Lego-built vehicles, this 1/8 scale Shelby GT500 is constructed entirely of original Lego parts – 3,500 to be exact – and is amazingly functional. Both drive, braking and steering can be controlled via a remote control, and the car boasts a sequential 5-speed gearbox with reverse, disc brakes linked to a working pedal inside the car, McPherson front struts (just like the real thing!), a 4-link solid rear axle and a working steering wheel. The hood, doors and trunk can all be opened, and the front seats even fold forward to provide better access to the rear buckets.

You can check out the amazing Lego Shelby GT500 in more detail in the video and photo gallery below.

01-lego-shelby-gt500 02-lego-shelby-gt500 03-lego-shelby-gt500 04-lego-shelby-gt500 05-lego-shelby-gt500 06-lego-shelby-gt500 07-lego-shelby-gt500 08-lego-shelby-gt500 09-lego-shelby-gt500 10-lego-shelby-gt500 11-lego-shelby-gt500 12-lego-shelby-gt500 13-lego-shelby-gt500 14-lego-shelby-gt500 Lego Shelby GT500

[Source: Sheepo's Garage]

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